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Myatt's Minis Selection

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Planning an event? Treating a friend? Test driving something new? That my friend is why Myatt's Minis exist.

All of our cocktails are available indiviually in a 5cl size, but for the full luxury experience, buy this gift set. 

Each set is six 50ml minis. Please choose from these bundles:

GIN LOVERS: 2 x Negroni; 2 x Pisco Martini; and 2 x Vesper Martini
PARTY STARTER: 6 x Espresso Martini
WINTER WARMER: 2 x Manhattan; 2 x Rum Old Fashioned; 2 x Trident
BOND, JAMES BOND: 3 x Vesper Martini; 3 x Negroni
TRIP TO ITALY: 3 x Limoncello; 3 x Negroni (SOLD OUT)
DISCOVERY: 2 x Pisco Martini; 2 x Trident; 2 x Baby Otis
TASTER MENU: Six different cocktails at random. Feel free to send requests!

These sets are shipping now.

These are a complete drink, so please stir or shake, pour, and enjoy. You've got everything you need.

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Myatt's Minis Selection

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