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Kecello: A Grapefruit Liqueur


Our Kecello is a bright grapefruit liqueur invented in 2018. Beautiful on its own, or wonderful with an . 

Allergen: grapefruit
Vegan: Yes

Rita Keegan is an American-born artist, lecturer and archivist, based in England since the late 1970s. She is a multi-media artist whose work uses video and digital technologies. Keegan is best known for her involvement the UK's Black Arts Movement in the 1980s and her work documenting artists of colour in Britain.

She is also one of our dearest and most loved friends, the Queen of Bonnington Square, and Chief Resident of our favourite café, Italo.

exceeded our expectations since we first released it commercially in 2017. The feedback has always been so generous, and it always sells out very quickly. We love grapefruit, and we experimented a lot with the idea of producing a with the sharp, sweet tang of that fruit. 

Finally, we were happy. We had a balanced drink that had a beautiful clear tang of grapefruit and a powerhouse rasp of alcohol. A trace of sweetness is left on the tongue, but it is really all about the grapefruit.

We named our drink Kecello for Rita, our favourite icon.

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Kecello: A Grapefruit Liqueur

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